Why SSI?


With all the professional diver-training programs out there, why should a diver or a newcomer to scuba diving choose to become an SSI Diver?

Quality Dealers. SSI Authorized Dive centres are carefully selected to meet our high standards. We only work with full service, reputable retailers, resorts and charter operators who run professional scuba schools, sell and service equipment and offer additional services to meet all your diving needs.

Quality Instructors. SSI is the only agency that requires instructors to affiliate with a full-service Authorized Dive Centre SSI Instructors are monitored on-site for adherence to the SSI Training Standards, professional conduct and performance, to ensure .. read more...

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Scuba Schools Indonesia, One of Indonesia's leading Dive Centre in connection with Divers Paradise Komodo welcomes you to what we believe is one of the finest SSI Instructor Training programs available today!


Start your new & exciting career with a leading edge as a SSI Dive Professional with our SSI Divemaster, SSI Dive Control Specialist, or the SSI Instructor Training Course here in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia. We will also add that little EXTRA to ensure you are well on your way to become a true dive professional in our Courses like the Instructor Training Course.

As a SSI Professional, you do what others only dream about. Whether you work in a SSI Dive Center, or in Scuba Diving Resorts, or even working on a cruise boat or a scuba diving liveaboard in Komodo or Raja Ampat, the adventure of a lifetime is here for the taking, while experiencing new cultures and a change of lifestyle. Imagine a job where you actually look forward to heading off to work in the morning after you completed a SSI Scuba Diving Internships Program in Indonesia, here in Labuan Bajo, in the Komodo National Park.

SDI Indonesia is always focusing with SSI Internship Programs ensuring that you enter the world of Instructing with the skills and experience that are necessary to succeed. You will be a qualified SSI Instructor not just a certified Instructor. Here are a few Reasons why you should complete your SSI Internship with Scuba Diving Internships

The most popular option is to undertake one of the SSI Dive Control Specialist internships Indonesia programs. These programs give you a chance to see how real SSI Dive Control Specialist's work in the dive industry. These SSI Internship ITC programs in Indonesia normally run over a period of 6 – 9 week but this does vary

ITC Dates 2016

Our schedule ITC's are listed below, special ITC's with Special IE's can be arranged for an upgrade fee.

August 19 to 28 2016 ITC Course

October 21 to 30 2016 ITC Course

December 1 to 10 2016 ITC Course



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